Sarah  mercey

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”
- Maya Angelo 



Since before she can remember, Sarah cherished stories.


After spending the first part of her career animating, designing and storyboarding some of the most beloved animated characters in films by Disney, Pixar & Blue Sky Studios, Sarah decided to continue her love of story in live-action film. This time she is stepping in front of the camera. 


In 2014, after winning a Canadian Screen Award for Best Director of an Animated Program, Sarah returned to school intending to focus on directing. Much to her surprise, her studies revealed a love of the stage. She has performed in theatrical showcases in New York City and has performed in several films. She continues her acting studies part-time in the U.K., New York and Toronto. 


Sarah also writes. Her first feature screenplay is in currently in production and the next in on it's way.


Sarah's unique skill set is unparalleled in the industry and she is always happy to contribute to film and theatre's rich tradition of storytelling.



Photo credit Kristen Hoebermann NYC
Photo credit Andy French NYC
Photo credit Andy French NYC
Photo credit Kristen Hoebermann NYC


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